We would love for you to participate! As part of your registration your parent/carer will just need to read and accept our ICT Acceptable Usage Policy and provide their email address.
Of course, everyone is welcome.
Yes, absolutely. I CAN Network at events@icannetwork.com.au can provide you with text, templates and a risk management plan to help your school facilitate attendance at the Expo as an incursion for participating students.
https://zoom.us/ is a cloud-based platform for video and audio conferencing. You do not need a Zoom account to attend the Expo. Simply click on the links provided to you once you have registered to access sessions you would like to attend.
The Expo is open to anyone inside or outside Australia with Zoom access.
You will need an email address, access to the internet and a device - e.g. smart phone, tablet or computer.
Yes, you can log in and out as you would any other site.
No, pre recorded content will form part of the content available but no recording will take place during the Expo itself.
Once you join a session ‘Zoom’ will prompt you to make a decision on how you would like to participate, eg. via video and audio or only audio. You are also able to change the name that appears.
Pre-recorded Expo content will be available for those who have registered for the event until the 21 November 2022. The interactive live sessions from the Expo day will not be recorded.
The expo will be live for one month following the event up until 21 November 2022. The pre recorded videos will be available for viewing but the interactive sessions from the day will not be available as they are not recorded. Promotional and resource materials will still be available.
At I CAN Network, we respect an individual’s right to identify themselves as they prefer (e.g. “i am Autistic,” “i have Autism,” “i am on the Spectrum). As an organisation, we proudly use identity first language (e.g. “Autistic”) in our print and online materials as well as in presentations and events to reflect our belief that Autism is a core part of who we are as individuals. Likewise, as an organisation, we use the term "Autism" over "ASD". These terms are overwhelmingly, though not universally, preferred by the Autistic community.
Thank you! You can learn more about our Autistic-led services on our website: www.icannetwork.com.au To receive the latest information about special events, programs and opportunities, please subscribe to our newsletter. Donations to support our pioneering work can be made here.
Your AWETISM 22 login will be the email you included in your registration form. Once you have submitted your registration form you will receive a confirmation email with your login details. It is important to note that emails are used to create the Expo login and thus need to be unique to each registration.
Absolutely, just keep in mind that emails are used to create the expo login and thus need to be unique to each registration. If you are also registering yourself or multiple children, each registration will need its own email.
Only if they are sharing the same computer. Whilst registrations can log in and out as much as they like over the course of the day, they can only be logged in one at a time. We would recommend you register each of your children separately - with three separate emails.
Even though the event itself is held on 21 October 2022, we have decided to keep registrations open all the way up to 21 November 2022 so everyone has a chance to access the amazing videos and resources available at AWETISM 22.