Student / young person under 18 - As you are under 18 we will also need your parent’s consent.

Multimedia Consent
As part of the program we may take photographs or videos of activities in which your child is involved. The photos may be used to promote the I CAN Network in publications, leaflets and in our blog.
Photographs and media are classified as personal information under the Information Privacy Act 2009. The I CAN Network respects your privacy and therefore requests your permission to photograph you and / or your child / young person. The image(s) and recordings will remain the property of the I CAN Network. It will be assumed that your consent is given for an indefinite period of time or until you withdraw your authorization.
It should be understood that material published on the Web will be accessible to people worldwide and that the information can be copied and used by any Web user. The I CAN Network has no control over the subsequent use and disclosure of information on its website once that information is published.
Parents/caregivers and participants are invited to sign this form as part of the registration process. The consent will be deemed indefinite until revoked.

Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) Agreement
At the I CAN Network we support the right of all participants to access safe and inclusive learning environments, including digital and online spaces.
When I use digital technologies, I agree to communicate respectfully by:
  • Being polite, respectful and compassionate to other Expo attendees and consider how what I do or say may make them feel
  • Not sending mean or bullying messages to attendees during or after the expo
  • Not asking or answering questions or my or other attendees personal information.
  • Not sharing anyone's personal information, including screenshots of conversations or social media, with friends or other Expo attendees.

I agree to be a polite, safe, responsible and ethical user of all digital technologies and online spaces.

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By checking the tick boxes above and signing your name you (or those you are registering on behalf of) are giving your consent and agreeing to adhere to the information above.


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